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The Pupillage Pages is the first and only careers website dedicated solely to barristers. 

Its aim is to bring you all the information you will need to maximise your chances of being one of the few Bar students that make it to practice as barristers in England and Wales. The site offers advice and ideas at every stage of the process from deciding on law schools, practice areas and chambers right through to preparing you for pupillage interviews.  The information is not generic and neither is it merely an add-on to content mainly aimed at solicitors.

The Bar offers a unique and fascinating career and should be accessible to anyone with the requisite talent and motivation regardless of their background. Open access to information is a vital component of such equality of opportunity and it is in this spirit that TPP has been formed.

  • Becoming a Barrister explains the steps you need to go through to get your wig and gown: what to do, when, where to study and how much it will cost. 

  • Our Pupillage Directory is a searchable database of all chambers in the UK offering pupillage. 

  • Application Advice offers an ever-growing collection of tips on making your application for pupillage, with guidance from pupils, barristers and pupillage committee members.

  • Build your CV lists ideas for gathering the experience that will impress pupillage committees: including job adverts, ongoing opportunities and reports from individuals who have completed some of the opportunities available. 

  • Interview Essentials provides the key information you need to prepare for those dreaded pupillage interviews, including current law updates in Criminal law, Family law, Commercial law, Employment law, Public law and General Civil law.

  • Have you heard is a dedicated forum for posting application responses from chambers. An individual thread for each chambers makes it easy to find out if anyone else has heard back from you target set.

  • The Forum is your chance to discuss issues relevant to the Bar and to pupillage applications specifically. 
If you are serious about making it as a barrister, this site will be your indispensible companion. Subscribe now and we’ll keep you up to date on everything you need to know.

Just to be clear (we are aspiring lawyers after all): Statements of advice and viewpoints expressed on the site are those of the authors alone and are not endorsed by any chambers or institution associated with the Bar. The site is intended merely to assist pupillage applicants and the authors take no responsibility for the consequences of following any advice given.

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Pupils Helpline

The Pupils’ Helpline gives confidential advice and support to members of the Bar who are currently undertaking their pupillage. The Helpline puts them in touch with an experienced and independent barrister who can help with problems encountered during pupillage. 

In many cases, pupils will be able to obtain appropriate advice and support from their pupil supervisor and/or chambers. The Inns’ Education and Training Departments can often also help. However, there will be occasions when pupils may prefer to discuss their concern with a member of the Bar who is unconnected with their chambers. 

For this reason, the Bar Council's Training for the Bar Committee has established a panel of advisers to offer pupils a confidential and objective advice service. All of the advisers are barristers of at least five years’ call who have received training from the Bar Council. Contact can be made, anonymously if wished, by email or telephone. 

Paras Junejo at the Bar Council will put pupils who wish to discuss a problem in confidence in contact with an appropriate adviser. Please contact Paras by email or on 0207 242 0082. 

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TPP News

A request to future pupils…

TPP was founded with the aim of helping to make the Bar accessible to anyone with the requisite talent and motivation by increasing the amount of quality advice available to pupillage applicants.

In pursuing this aim, the site relies entirely on contributions from those fortunate enough to have successfully made it through the process, be it barristers, pupils or future pupils.

If you have just secured a pupillage and have found TPP a useful resource in your own quest we would be delighted to pass on your experiences, tips and advice to the future applicants that will follow you.

The simplest way to contribute is to complete our ‘Pupil Profile’ questionnaire. As you will see from the profiles already on the site, the profiles are anonymous and we know from feedback that they provide incredibly useful insights for those in the hunt.

To complete a profile, simply respond to the following questions and email your response to info@thepupillagepages.com with a covering note explaining the location and work profile of your future chambers.

  • Of your past experience, what did you get the impression was most impressive to Chambers?
  • If you had to apply again, what would you have done differently? 
  • What did you find the hardest about the pupillage application process? 
  • How did you go about choosing which Chambers to apply to?
  • How did you prepare for interviews? 
  • What tips do you have for interviews?
  • What do you think made you successful in your application?
  • What did you see as the biggest weakness in your application and what did you do to counter it? 
  • Did you find getting pupillage harder or easier than you thought ?
  • How did you go about demonstrating that you had an enthusiasm and an aptitude for your chosen practice area? 
  • Any other tips or advice?

If you would like to contribute to TPP in a different way (through writing a specific article for example) please also get in touch at info@thepupillagepages.com.

With thanks from the TPP Team.

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Profile News

We are pleased to announce that the Chambers listed below have full profiles of The Pupillage Pages. They provide more in-depth information than anywhere else, perfect for helping you tailor your Portal form to what Chambers look for. The following Chambers have been listed so far:

  • 2 Hare Court 
  • 4 New Square 
  • Falcon Chambers 
  • Henderson Chambers
  • Landmark Chambers
  • New Court Chambers 

The profiles are intended to provide you with useful information, specific only to pupils! It includes information such as practice areas (%) breakdown, Life as a pupil, Pupillage structure and much more. 

To look at any profile, please type the name in the search box on the right column.

We are continuous working to add more profiles and we will update the site and our Twitter/Facebook feed as we do!


         Abigail Cohen from Henderson Chambers shares her experiences about being 
        led in different cases and how it can help you with your own cases. For more 
        videos and information about Henderson Chambers - Visit their profile by using 
        our 'Quick Chambers Search' function or our 'Pupillage Directory'.



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Your Feedback

Tell us what you think

ThePupillagePages is very much a work in progress and we are very keen to hear your views on the site. 

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at feedback@thepupillagepages.com

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