Mini-pupillage---how to ask for something to do?



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I've only done about four minis and I've found that there's no golden rule for this. Some mini supervisors have given me loads of work to do and others have just asked me to sit at the back of the courtroom and keep quiet. It may just be the case that you have to judge for yourself in the circumstances whether you should ask your supervisor if there is anything you can help with such as legal research.

Regarding the civil/criminal divide, based on my experience I'd avoid offering to draft anything at commercial sets as there simply won't be time for you to become sufficiently familiar with the mountains of files for the case to then draft something half decent. Based on my rather more limited experience of criminal minis, the files at the junior end tend to be smaller in size so you may well be asked to draft a skeleton opening speech for the prosecution, etc.

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I am a first year and I would like to ask when the chambers Im in as mini-pupil only lets me go to court with different barristers in chambers and says nothing as to what I can do apart from that, can I ask for something to do? That is, can I ask to draft some submissions for the relevant barrister's perusal? (Or would this depend on whether I am in a criminal set or civil set?) I might spend a week or two there.

Also, are there things that mini-pupils can offer to help with (if so, what are they)?

Thank you for your time! I know too little... :)

All the best with your work!

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