We know the application process can be a be stressful time, especially when waiting to hear back from Chambers you have applied to. The reality is, Chambers have many applications to process, which is why they cannot always be as responsive to phone calls and emails as we would all like. 

But do not fear, TPP is here (exactly the type of cliche to avoid in an application!). We have tried to help prospective applicants by archiving the 'Have you Heard' boards from last year. You can view this by clicking on the archives drop down menu above the current boards. You will be able to view last years comments from Chambers and Applicants, which can be used to give you an indication of time scales in the previous year.

Please note: This forum is intended solely to be a means of sharing notifications of pupillage and scholarship interviews. We hope you will appreciate that, because each thread is linked directly to a Chambers or Inn, this section will need to be carefully moderated and, as such, comments that are inappropriate, inaccurate, critical of chambers or that pass on confidential information about the format or content of pupillage or scholarship interviews will likely be removed and could lead to the offender's account being closed.